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Tips for Buying a Sofa as a Pet Owner

dog on sofa

One of the most common questions that owners of furry pets get asked is, “do you let them on the furniture?!” Owning a furry, fluffy pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences someone can have. A cute partner in crime that just so happens to shed… a lot. Being a pet owner doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having aesthetically pleasing furniture in your home. There are different types of sofas that are ideal for pet owners, and some that are not. Read on to find out the best sofa type for all kinds of furry friends. 


If you’re someone who wants a cozy, fabric sofa that you can curl up on with your furry friend, there are some materials that are better than others. Look for fabrics that are tightly woven, as these are the ones that will hold up to dirt and fur. Looser fabrics (e.g., tweed) have space between the fibers that welcome hair and dirt build-up, and are prone to being caught by claws, resulting in snags and tears. Synthetic microfiber couches are a dream for pet owners. They do not rip easily and hair can be removed with the swipe of a lint roller or a quick vacuum. 

When searching for a new sofa, you must consider one of the inevitable parts of owning a pet: stains. For non-pet owners, fabrics like silk and suede may be a great option for adding some stylistic flair into their space. For pet owners, though, these fabrics are not ideal because they stain easily. It can be difficult to fully treat a stain on a silk or suede couch. Consider opting for performance or outdoor fabrics instead. Think outdoor furniture, but bring it inside! Fabrics created for outdoor use are going to be more durable than indoor furniture fabrics. 

Feeling adventurous? Mix it up from the typical sofa materials! Using unique materials like denim or canvas can add a modern twist to your home. Denim can be easily spot cleaned with soap and water or baking soda, and the tight weave makes cleaning easy. Canvas can be used as the sofa’s fabric or as a slipcover. The durable material lasts longer than traditional fabrics and slipcovers can easily be thrown in the washing machine. 


Leather is a fantastic option for pet owners, but not all leathers are the same. Leather is the way to go to avoid collection of dirt and fur on the furniture. Easier to clean than fabric sofas, it will drastically cut the amount of time vacuuming the sofa! Avoid leathers that are very smooth. The smoother the leather, the more it has been treated to be that texture, and the easier it is to scratch. Also, if your pet has a favorite spot on the couch, it’s likely that area may darken over time, so consider covering it with a throw blanket or an extra cushion. For the least amount of noticeable wear and tear, opt for a distressed leather that will easily hide any minor scratches or marks your furry friend may make. 

General Guidelines

When shopping for a new sofa, look for tight weave fabrics, patterns, textures, and colors that will help hide pet hair and dirt. If you have a pet with darker hair, darker colored fabrics (black, brown) are a better option, and for pets with lighter hair, lighter colors like cream and beige may be better. Shop around to find the best fit for you, and don’t shy away from asking

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  • I would like to order a leather sofa when I move to my new house in November, I have a pet what kind of leather do you recommend for me to buy.


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